An amazing piece of interactive art.

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What is Ferroflow?

Ferroflow is an art display that creates amazing visual experiences using ferrofluid and varying magnetic fields.

Ferrofluid (a portmanteau of ferromagnetic and fluid) is a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. It was invented in 1963 by NASA as a prototype rocket fuel that could be drawn toward a pump inlet using magnets in zero gravity.

By utilizing patent pending technology Ferroflow is able to manipulate the ferrofluid into amazing organic shapes and fluid movements.

The movements created by Ferroflow are mesmerizing, and it will be the center of attention wherever it's displayed.

See it in Action:

Ferroflow is completely interactive and truly has to be seen in person to appreciate the amazing displays it creates.

Add Some Color

Ferroflow is also available with colored ferrofluid inside!

Beautiful Design

Hand made using only premium materials

T8 Aluminum

The entire top is constructed of aircraft grade T8 aluminum with an anodized finish that is both extremely durable and highly resistant to fingerprints.

Lab Quality Glass

The glass tube is custom made from a highly polished laboratory grade glass with thick walls that is not easily broken.

Stainless Steel Base

The machined stainless steel base is a work of art in itself and serves multiple purposes.

High Quality Ferrofluid

We only use high quality ferrofluid manufactured by Ferrotec.

Hand Machined

Even the top cap has a beautiful brushed finish and is hand machined to within the tolerance of a human hair and pressed into place.

No Breakdown or Staining

We have worked extensively in R&D to develop a custom suspension liquid that ensures the ferrofluid won't break down or stain the glass.

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