*Do not leave the handheld magnet stuck to the glass or permanent staining may occur*

If the Ferroflow is very cold or hot after receiving in the mail let it sit for 30 minutes or an hour to reach room temperature before operation. This is also important if the clear liquid is murky from being shaken up during shipping as this will let the particles settle. This is very important because extreme temps (hot or cold) cause internal parts to expand or contract and damage may occur if operated.

Plug the power cord into the back of Ferroflow and then into the wall. Position the cord about 1" behind the glass as shown below. At this distance it will be completely invisible when viewed from the front due to the lensing effect of the glass.

The Ferroflow will boot up in 5 seconds after plugging in and the automatic movements will begin.

If you received a colored Ferroflow the color will brighten up as the pigments mix up evenly. The colors also look best with bright light on them or natural sunlight.


No movement at all?

After the Ferroflow boots up it should begin moving automatically. If the led doesn't light up then try unplugging it for at least 10 seconds and then plugging back in. If there are no signs of power at all try another outlet, and if this doesn't work contact us for assistance.

Fluid not flowing well?

If the fluid is moving slightly but not moving well up or down then try using the handheld magnet to pull some from the top to the bottom. This is caused if air bubbles get trapped in it during shipping, and pulling it down with the handheld magnet will help get them out. After operating for awhile and moving it around with the handheld magnet it should flow normally. The ferrofluid will also become slightly spikier over time.
If the fluid is not pulling up to the top and just staying at the bottom check to make sure there is a tiny magnet attached to the bottom of the Ferroflow. This can get knocked off it it's dropped on a hard surface, and will cause the fluid not to move well.


The best way to clean Ferroflow is with a lint-free towel that is slightly damp. Don't spray any chemicals on it as they may affect the glues used or the finishes.

Do not leave any small magnets stuck on the glass or this could cause permanent staining.

Do not get metal objects or other strong magnets close to Ferroflow as they may cause damage.

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